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Our team is focused on developing a supportive, online network for industry professionals. The WGT network supports tracing of minerals and gemological laboratory reports along the supply chain while providing our partners with the right tools to secure their global business environment.


All members are authenticated to ensure they are industry professionals through different types of World Gem Trade protocols.

Members can locate new buyers and sellers on the World Gem Trade network.

Members can locate old clients on the network to maintain trace on their products and their gemological laboratory reports.

If purchasing or selling client is not found within the network, member may select an invite feature to join their client and ensure their trace is maintained.

To support established, developing and underdeveloped national and regional governments through ethical and economically sustainable practices.

Strengthen healthy trade between diamond bourses and jewelry association memberships and non-diamond bourse and non-jewelry association members.

To maintain intermediaries within the supply chain and to ensure local economies maintain employment availability.



Rough Diamonds


Color Diamonds

Rough Color Diamonds



Rough Gemstones

Rough Suppliers


Large and Small Mines


Pearl Farms


Gemological Laboratories


There is no monthly or annual membership cost to join World Gem Trade for all firm types. All firms do need to trace products and gemological laboratory reports on World Gem Trade.

To establish a trace the fee is 10 Cents plus 0.10% of the total cost of the product. This fee is charged to the buyer and seller.

Retailers can trace their products from wholesaler and manufactures and are provided with strong selling tools to engage their buyers.

Wholesalers can trace products to their retailers, manufactures and other wholesalers.

Diamond Manufactures

Diamond Manufactures can trace the steps of their rough diamond into a manufactured product. Rough diamonds can be colorless and colored.

Gemstone Manufactures

Gemstone Manufactures can trace the steps of their rough gemstones into a manufactured product. Rough gemstone can be any gemmy mineral verity.

Jewelry Manufactures

Jewelry Manufactures can set traced minerals within their jewelry items.

Rough diamond suppliers can trace products to other rough diamond suppliers and manufacturers and can receive supply traced from the mine.

Rough gemstone suppliers can trace their product to other rough gemstone suppliers, manufactures and wholesalers depending on the region of the seller, mineral verities and quantities.

It is important that sellers from underdeveloped economies establish correct selling behavior and interact with the correct buyers within the supply chain.

Minerals can be traced from large, established mines.

Medium to small mines and artisanal miners can participate within the World Gem Trade network to trace their products.

Tracing minerals from the mine supports fair trade, the security of the global supply chain and its working professionals.

Pearl farms can trace their products to their manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers.

Gemological laboratory reports that have been traced from the laboratory will have the name of the laboratory and Report ID within the trace document.

Gemological laboratory reports that are not traced from their laboratories can be viewed within the product details page; however, the laboratory name and its report ID are not shown within the trace document.

The total fee to trace a Gemological Laboratory Report is 10 Cents and 0.10% of the total cost to develop the report. This trace fee is charged to both the laboratory and the owner of the product. The report trace is a one-time fee.

A firm can add stock items one by one or full stock list through CSV, XML, FTP, or API and provide full product description, images, videos and documentation.

Free WGT Network team support to your own IT professional.

Free one-time FTP and API integration performed by the WGT Network team for out-of-the-box systems.

Free CSV and XML file for product uploads.

A firm traces its products:

  • To inform their clients that their stock is ethically sourced.

  • To be proactive in reducing crime throughout the supply chain.

  • To reduce its own in-house risk of lost or stolen products.

The purpose to trace is to make our world a safer place to live and work in.

Trace is a very important step to ending illegal activities within the jewelry industry. Having our world governments and strong industry associations and bourses decide to accept and promote product trace procedures, within their communities, for minerals and gemological laboratory reports will greatly secure business environments and increase the safety of the workplace.

By creating a culture, our industry leaders can further establish trace protocols within their communities, which will further stop the risk of blood diamonds or money laundering interacting within the supply chain and reduce the risk of lost or stolen goods.

In the case of crime investigation:

If a request is provided to our system, in the case of an attempted robbery and or stolen or missing merchandise, our Administration controls will deliver private information to the appropriate authorities. The appropriate authorities would include a police officer or an insurance provider. The private information will show who interacted with your product throughout its life history within the World Gem Trade system.

In the case of general usage:

A firm can view a separate trace document for each product that may be purchased. This trace document includes limited information regarding origin of where the product was uploaded into the system with some basic product details description. The trace document does not provide detail on the firm who originally uploaded the product and or the buyers and sellers who interacted with the product.

The firm will refer to its product details page to receive full product detail description, which will show trace document for general usage.

Trace begins as soon as possible to ensure large and medium sized international mines are maintaining proper governance.

Trace also begins with the artisanal miners and small mines to ensure they are provided with the proper protocols to act within a in a healthy economic ecosystem and maintain their fair trade.

Sellers can add their stock and initiate trace. Trace starts with the person who adds. It is important to add product as soon as possible to find new buyers, eliminate risk and maintain healthy business practices.

Estate jewelry is available to be traced within the system to help find new buyers and create a safer working environment.

Trace is an important step to reduce the risk of lost or stolen products and providing a system for firms to enact anti-money laundering procedures.

A history of trace establishes a firm’s credibility to achieve bank loans.

Security clearance for employees. Submit resume and cover letter [email protected]

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